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Physicist’s take on New York Times’ science writing | Uncommon Descent

April 23, 2015

Physicist’s take on New York Times’ science writing | Uncommon Descent.

“Fascinating blog on NYT! It is exactly what Paul Johnson said would happen to America when he wrote in the 1990′s that America was being taken over by special interest groups, who like a pantheon of demi-gods, would endlessly bicker about whose ox was being gored. This is because America had rejected the Western synthesis of theology-philosophy-religion that had rocketed to supremacy over all other civilizations on this planet. And once the synthesis was destroyed in our Post-Modern society, once unity was sacrificed at the altar of diversity, then it became a free-for-all, a schoolyard brawl between various bullies and their affiliated gangs.”

Do demoralized arts faculty affect the ID controversy? | Uncommon Descent

March 5, 2015

Camille Paglia (and from firsthand experience during my BA in Eng. Lit. days, I can assure you that these words are accurate):

“Post-structuralism is a system of literary and social analysis that flared up and vanished in France in the 1960s but that became anachronistically entrenched in British and American academe from the 1970s on. Based on the outmoded linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure and promoted by the idolized Jacques Derrida, Jacques Lacan, and Michel Foucault, it absurdly asserts that we experience or process reality only through language and that, because language is inherently unstable, nothing can be known. By undermining meaning, history and personal will, post-structuralism has done incalculable damage to education and contemporary thought. It is a laborious, circuitously self-referential gimmick that always ends up with the same monotonous result. I spent six months writing a long attack on academic post-structuralism for the classics journal Arion in 1991, “Junk Bonds and Corporate Raiders: Academe in the Hour of the Wolf” (reprinted in my first essay collection, Sex, Art, and American Culture). Post-structuralism has destroyed two generations of graduate students, who were forced to mouth its ugly jargon and empty platitudes for their foolish faculty elders. And the end result is that humanities departments everywhere, having abandoned their proper mission of defending and celebrating art, have become humiliatingly marginalized in both reputation and impact.”

Do demoralized arts faculty affect the ID controversy? | Uncommon Descent.