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Fighting Cancer with Intelligent Design | Evolution News

May 10, 2017

“…Now that we understand how cancer works, how do we fight it? We do so in much the same way we fight antibiotic resistance: by banking on the fact that there are limits to how quickly (or how much) cells can evolve. Dr. Audeh makes this exact point:

Cancer in an individual should be thought of as an “invasive species” disrupting an ecosystem, a population of cells with extraordinary genetic diversity, possessing the ability to eventually adapt to nearly every therapy oncologists apply. The goal, in Darwinian terms, should be to reduce the genomic diversity in the cancer cell population by strategically targeting the key pathways of growth and survival which have allowed it to develop. Genomic sequencing of tumors, circulating tumor cells and cell-free DNA is providing us with the necessary information to do so. Targeting these pathways with combinations of non-cross-resistant drugs to overcome the adaptive potential of the population may produce a population “bottleneck” with low diversity — the key requirements for driving a species to extinction…”

Source: Fighting Cancer with Intelligent Design | Evolution News

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