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Intelligent Design and Cancer – A Clear Lens

August 10, 2017

The Second Law of Thermodynamics causes things in this universe to tend towards DISORDER, not ORDER. This begs the question of how so many things became marvelously and wonderfully orderly, in contradiction to the general tendency of the universe. A Mind with agency is the only plausible answer!

There are numerous compelling theories as to why The Designer allows things to go haywire sometimes, but those cases cannot negate the basic case for design.

“…The fact that cancer is so disastrous is far more evidential for design than evolution. Cancer is evolution is real-time. For years we’ve all read summaries and scholarly reports that evolution is all about small changes. If, we are told, that one genome within a strand of DNA mutated and began producing something different, we would see evolutionary change. News flash, cancer is mutated cells producing something different. In this case, the difference is deadly. Cancer isn’t producing a sixth finger or a third eye or an 8 chamber heart, or cold resistant capillaries. Cancer is destroying the things that are working; the design is more clearly viewed through the lens of the broken…”

God, please bless Kelsy and her family!

Source: Intelligent Design and Cancer – A Clear Lens

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