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Praying for Jamerian Bennett | NRL News Today

August 12, 2017

Please pray for this poor young man:

“…Jamerian’s lungs have failed following pneumonia and a bad reaction to medication, leaving him on a lung bypass machine so his body can have oxygen. He is currently conscious, but his condition is serious and he may need a lung transplant. Jamerian is conscious but unable to speak.

Jamerian’s mother Brandee is as much as a fighter as he is, and when his situation was unsure, she went to bat for his care. After WXYZ began reporting on his case, a lawyer offered free pro-bono help to the Bennett family.

Currently they are working on getting a transfer in place to an out-of-state facility that specializes in pediatric lung conditions…”

Source: Praying for Jamerian Bennett | NRL News Today

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