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Is Sean Carroll a Boltzmann Brain? | Evolution News

September 15, 2017

“…Sean M. Carroll has published a physics paper in which he claims to have “squelched” Boltzmann brains. Carroll, a cosmologist and physicist specializing in general relativity and cosmology at Caltech, is highly regarded by the New Atheist community. Carroll calls himself a “poetic naturalist,” by which he means an atheist who’s not boring. He denies libertarian free will, is a determinist, and denies that religion and science are compatible. The subtitle of his website is “In truth, only atoms and the void.” You see where he’s coming from.

His pronouncement on Boltzmann brains is remarkable. Not for its erudition — the physics may be fine but the logic is atrocious — but for Carroll’s glaring error and the gullibility of the atheist and materialist community that accepts his conclusion…”

Source: Is Sean Carroll a Boltzmann Brain? | Evolution News

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