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Prayer for Healing–1 Two Confusions: Clay Jones

September 23, 2017

Very thoughtful pieces on healing by BIOLA Professor Clay Jones:

“Many Christians are confused about prayer for healing. Like The Little Engine that Could, some contend that the sick should say “I believe God will heal me, I believe God will heal me, I believe God will heal me,” because to get God to heal them they cannot doubt that God will heal them. Others treat the Lord as if He were a cosmic combination lock that must be dialed precisely to release the treasured healing. In years past I’ve done both and both are scripturally mistaken, spiritually and emotionally unhealthy, fundamentally misunderstand who God is, and often result in our being a bad witness to the lost…”

Part 2: http://www.clayjones.net/2017/09/prayer-for-healing-2-confused-christians/

Part 3: http://www.clayjones.net/2017/09/prayer-for-healing-iii-gods-our-father/

Source: Prayer for Healing–1: Two ConfusionsClay Jones