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Textbooks Refuted — Three Case Studies | Evolution News

September 16, 2017

“…Materialists like to portray the triumphal march of scientific progress as new findings come to light. It’s not clear that any of these three prominent examples help their case:

  • Physicists were wrong about van der Waals forces, and the implications could be far-reaching across many disciplines, especially molecular biology.
  • Geneticists were wrong about chromatin, applying evidence in vitro to evidence in vivo, where conditions are in fact very different — and much more complicated.
  • Paleontologists were wrong about phylum Chaetognatha, assuming that Darwinian evolution moves from simple to complex.

It’s hard to find convergence toward the truth in these cases. What’s interesting is that each of these findings exacerbates problems for Darwinian evolution while favoring intelligent design…”

Source: Textbooks Refuted — Three Case Studies | Evolution News

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