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Apologetics Restored my Faith | Truth Matters Ministries

October 31, 2017

“…That summer, there was an apologetics conference at my home church with RZIM speakers Nabeel Qureshi, Alycia Wood, and Cameron McAllister. At the time, I didn’t really understand what apologetics was, or why I needed it. However, as the conference was going on and I sat in the back listening to the speakers talking about the very doubts that I had in my mind at the time and logically going through each issue and showing how God was the answer, something stirred my heart. The way that they talked about God, about the Bible, about very real issues inspired me to know more. Suddenly I had a desire to seek out answers to my doubts, to increase my knowledge of God rather than just memorizing facts about Him.

Through apologetics, my faith became very real to me. Christianity was no longer a faith that had few answers to the questions and doubts of my heart, but rather a faith with answers to my questions—a logical and rational faith…”

Source: Apologetics Restored my Faith | Truth Matters Ministries

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