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The Death of ‘New Atheism’ | The Stream

October 31, 2017

“…The seeds of its decay were in it from the beginning. It called itself a movement of reason. But its “reason” was never about thinking well to reach sound conclusions. It was about starting with the one approved test and reaching the one approved conclusion: “If it isn’t scientific, you can’t know it’s true; therefore you can’t believe anything religion says.” That claim itself can’t be proven scientifically, which makes it not much of a foundation for “reason.”I was at the Reason Rally in 2012, along with a group from the Ratio Christi campus ministry. One of the atheist stars on stage that day, a singer/pianist whose name I have mercifully forgotten, sang a song about the Pope that featured more than 70 instances of the F-word. My friend Blake and I spoke with P.Z. Myers, biology professor from Minnesota and a second-layer New Atheist leader, who told us he could never visit any church because he couldn’t be civil there…”

Source: The Death of ‘New Atheism’ | The Stream

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