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An Open Letter to Dan Brown | Dr. Michael Brown: The Stream

November 7, 2017

“…Have you spent a day with someone like John Lennox, a committed Christian who has debated men like Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, and who has served as Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford, with Ph.D.’s from Oxford and Cambridge in Mathematics and in Science?Or have you worked your way through an academic study of miracles, such as Prof. Craig Keener’s two-volume work, Miracles: The Credibility of the New Testament Accounts, which also discusses documented miracles today? Or have you visited countries in the developing world where Christian missionaries are the primary reason why some communities have running water and electricity, not to mention schools, hospitals, and eternal hope?..”

Source: An Open Letter to Dan Brown | The Stream

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