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“…African-American leaders launched a new campaign expressing their support for Jack Phillips, the baker whose case of refusing to create a same-sex “wedding” cake has gone all the way to the Supreme Court and will be heard later this year.The leaders spoke outside the Supreme Court on Monday in support of Phillips. They also launched a website to accompany their campaign, called “We Got Your Back, Jack…”

Source: Black leaders: Declining to bake a gay ‘wedding’ cake isn’t same as racism | News | LifeSite

Perhaps the creepiest thing about Darwinism is its implication that some humans are less evolved than others. FALSE! We are all created in the image of God, and the biological gulf between humans and apes is insurpassable.

“…Human Zoos is a documentary that tells the story of how thousands of indigenous peoples were put on public display in America in the early decades of the twentieth century. Often touted as “missing links” between man and apes, these native peoples were harassed, demeaned, and jeered at. Their public display was arranged with the enthusiastic support of the most elite members of the scientific community, and it was promoted uncritically by America’s leading newspapers. The documentary also tells the story of a courageous group of African-American ministers who tried to stop one such “Human Zoo” in New York City. The documentary features Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Pamela Newkirk, author of Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga…”

Source: New Documentary, Human Zoos, Will Get Public Premiere, November 11 at Oregon Film Festival | Evolution News

“…So, where is the randomness? Well, within the CDR, as best as we can figure, the immune system generates random changes. Is that really a random mutation, though? It has excluded 99.99993% of the genome and focused on the 0.00007% that it knows needs changing. What I tell people is that I will be happy to agree with them that this process is 0.00007% random if they will agree with me that it is 99.99993% designed. That usually ends the conversation.What’s also interesting is that the cell itself starts and stops the process as needed. That is, these aren’t just happenstance mutations – the cell actively knows it needs mutations, and activates a system to produce them, then produces them within the span of 2,000 base pairs that it knows is likely to produce benefit, and then stops once it finds a benefit (it’s actually closer to 500 base pairs that get significant mutations, but there are a few rare mutations farther into the gene)…”

Source: The Immune System is Really Amazing (and Designed) | Uncommon Descent