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“…It’s hard to argue with World Magazine editor-in-chief Marvin Olasky’s assessment that debates about life’s origins form the “most significant worldview clash of our time outside those concerning theology itself.”Yes, the science behind the design controversy clearly poses an ultimate question, from which — it’s surprising to say — many otherwise thoughtful people turn away, assuming that the experts have got it all figured out so intelligent laypeople can give their attention to other matters. Wrong!..”

Source: Best Books of the Year — Discovery Institute Takes Honors in World Magazine’s “Origins” Category | Evolution News

“…The last chapter of Michael Denton’s latest book, The Wonder of Water (which we’ll abbreviate WoW, and yes, the pun is intended), is the grand slam that runs home all the bases. After showing water’s incomparable role in climate, geology, and physiology, he looks deep into the cell and shows that water’s unique properties contribute to life at the nanoscale of molecular interactions. In “Water and the Cell” (especially pp. 168-177), Denton shows that H2O has been promoted from cellular stage hand to prima donna:..”

Source: The Wonder of Water at the Nanoscale | Evolution News

“…For whatever set of reasons, there is a widespread belief out there (internet, popular books) that the New Testament canon was decided at the Council of Nicea in 325 AD—under the conspiratorial influence of Constantine. The fact that this claim was made in Dan Brown’s best-seller The Da Vinci Code shows how widespread it really is. Brown did not make up this belief; he simply used it in his book.The problem with this belief, however, is that it is patently false. The Council of Nicea had nothing to do with the formation of the New Testament canon (nor did Constantine).   Nicea was concerned with how Christians should articulate their beliefs about the divinity of Jesus. Thus it was the birthplace of the Nicean creed…”

Source: Ten Basic Facts about the NT Canon that Every Christian Should Memorize: #8: “The NT Canon Was Not Decided at Nicea—Nor Any Other Church Council.” – Canon Fodder

“…Babies demonstrate full body aversive responses, not just localized responses, to noxious or painful stimuli. Feeling stimulus on the hand wouldn’t explain an open mouth or a full body averse response. Those actions cannot be designates as simple reflexes. They have to be coordinated at a higher level. To say that these babies aren’t feeling pain is ridiculous, he says. The ability to sense and respond to pain is unquestionably present at 20 weeks. We know this by observing the electrical, mechanical, hormonal, and full body responses of these children…”

Source: Unborn Babies Feel Intense Pain in Abortions, So Why is Killing Them OK? | LifeNews.com

“The weekly Cold-Case Christianity Podcast is also a 30 minute television broadcast on the NRBTV! The Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast is hosted by J. Warner Wallace, cold-case detective and author of God’s Crime Scene: A Cold-Case Detective Examines the Evidence of A Divinely Created Universe and Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels…”

Source: Cold-Case Christianity on the NRB Network | Cold Case Christianity

“…Stumbling across a random sequence that could perform even one of the most basic reactions also requires a search library in the trillions. So, any multistage process would also be beyond the reach of chance. A glimmer of hope was offered by Jack Szostak when he published a paper that purported to show RNA could self-replicate without the aid of any enzyme. Unaided self-repliation would have greatly aided the search process. However, he later retracted the paper after the results could not be reproduced…”

Source: Origin of life challenge: The information challenge is the only one that counts | Uncommon Descent

“…Francis Crick, Nobel prize winner and co-discoverer of the molecular structure of DNA has said:“To produce the miracle of molecular construction, all the cell needs to do is string together the amino acids (which make up the polypeptide chain of DNA) in the correct order. This is a complicated biochemical process. Suppose the chain is about 200 amino acids long and, since we have just twenty possibilities at each place, the number of possibilities is twenty multiplied by itself some 200 times. This is conveniently written 20 to the 200th power, that is, a 1 followed by 260 zeros? This number is quite beyond our everyday comprehension.”

 What does that look like?

To create this one single strand of DNA (by chance) is mathematically one chance in…





According to probability theorists, anything with longer odds than 1 in 10 to the 50th power is mathematically impossible. What does this tell us? That an origin of life without guidance by an intelligent agent is impossible!

Source: Case-Making 101: 12 things Darwinian evolution can’t answer but Intelligent Design can – Truth, Faith and Reason

“…The laws of logic are not invented; they are discovered truths about the nature of reality itself. It is commonly accepted that there are three fundamental laws of logic and that all other logical principles are derived from these three laws; these foundational laws are: the principle of identity, the law of the excluded middle, and the law of non-contradiction. Each of these is similar, but subtly distinct from the others…”

Source: Why Should Christians Care About Logic? – Free Thinking Ministries

“…A New Yorker obit for naturalist atheist philosopher Jerry Fodor (1935–2017), who risked doubting Darwin, noted Fodor’s dismissal of the “natural selection” cult but, surprisingly, did not offer polite contempt. Obituarist Stephen Metcalf merely observed, “Fodor thought that the neo-Darwinists had confused the loyalty oath of modernity — nature is without conscious design, species evolve over time, the emergence of Homo sapiens was without meaning or telos — with blind adherence to the fallacy known as ‘natural selection.’…”

Source: Can the Rot of Naturalism Be Stopped? Relating Information to Matter and Energy Might Help | Evolution News

“…Paul Davies describes the conundrum: “Take DNA… It has a grand agenda, but to implement this, DNA must enlist the help of proteins… proteins are made by complicated machines called ribosomes, according to coded instruction received from DNA via mRNA. The problem is, how could proteins get made without the DNA code for them, the mRNA to transcribe the instructions, and the ribosomes to assemble them? But if the proteins are not already there, how can DNA, ribosomes and all the rest of the paraphernalia get made in the first place? It’s Catch-22….”

Source: Origin of Life Conundrums Require A Divine Designer | Cold Case Christianity

“…The Trump Administration has nominated to keep a radical LGBT activist, lesbian Chai Feldblum, in place as commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).A holdover from the Obama Administration, Feldblum is credited with spearheading and implementing much of the former administration’s radical gay and transgender policy agenda.

Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins called the renomination a shock…”

Source: Trump shocks conservatives in renominating LGBT activist to top anti-discrimination post | News | LifeSite

“…The Time of His Appearing

Let’s now consider a fascinating prophecy that, in the opinion of many scholars, tells us when the Messiah would make His appearance. It’s found in Daniel 9.

Daniel was one of the Jewish captives who had been brought to Babylon by King Nebuchadnezzar. The prophecy in Daniel 9 was given in the sixth century B.C. While much can be said about this passage, we must focus on a few important points.

To begin, verse 24 gives us the time parameters during which the prophecy will unfold. It reads, “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city to finish transgression, to put an end to sin,” and so on. Although we can’t go into all the details, the ‘seventy ‘sevens’” concern seventy distinct seven-year periods of time, or a total of 490 years.

Next, verse 25 tells us that from the issuing of a decree to rebuild Jerusalem until the coming of the Messiah, there will be a total of sixty-nine “sevens,” or 483 years. There are two views we must consider. The first holds that this decree was issued by the Persian ruler Artaxerxes to Ezra the priest in 457 B.C.{4} Adding 483 years to this date brings us to A.D. 27, the year many scholars believe Jesus began His public ministry! The second view holds that the reference is to a later decree of Artaxerxes, issued on March 5, 444 B.C.{5} Adding 483 years to this date takes us to A.D. 38. But according to this view, the years in question should be calculated according to a lunar calendar, consisting of twelve thirty-day months.{6} If each of the 483 years consists of only 360 days, then we arrive at March 30, 33 A.D. Dr. Allen Ross says “that is the Monday of the Passion week, the day of the Triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.”{7} The views thus differ on the date of Jesus’ death, but each can comfortably fit the evidence.{8}

Finally, verse 26 says that after the period of sixty-nine “sevens” the Messiah will be “cut off” and have nothing. According to one scholar, “The word translated ‘cut off’ is used of executing . . . a criminal.”{9} All of this fits quite well with the crucifixion of Jesus. Indeed, the accuracy of this prophecy, written over five hundred years before Jesus’ birth, bears eloquent testimony to the divine inspiration and truth of the Bible…”

Source: Prophecies of the Messiah

Is Jesus simply a Santa Claus for adults? Is believing in Jesus Christ of the Bible the same as believing in Santa? What does this mean for Christianity?Tim Stratton of Freethinking Ministries tackles this popular meme that says “Jesus: Santa Claus for adults”!


Is Jesus simply a Santa Claus for adults? Is believing in Jesus Christ of the Bible the same as believing in Santa? What does this mean for Christianity?Tim Stratton of Freethinking Ministries tackles this popular meme that says “Jesus: Santa Claus for adults”!

“…All of the scientific data supports the theory that all nature had an absolute beginning (big bang cosmology, 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and the Borde, Guth, Vilenkin Theorem of 2003). Everything that begins to exist has a cause, and the evidence demonstrates that the universe (all nature) began to exist. Therefore, since nature began to exist, nature cannot be the cause of nature. Therefore, the cause of nature must be something other than nature (supernatural). This is exactly what the first chapter of John is stating about Jesus – he is the supernatural cause of the natural universe, and he entered into his creation so that we could know him.That is to say, the Creator of the universe entered into the universe to save the people within the universe. This is what Christmas is all about. This is why we have good reason to celebrate Christmas!..”

Source: A Logical Christmas Message | CrossExamined.org

“…In an article here yesterday, I wrote about philosopher Vincent Torley’s critique of my posts related to the origin of life, and I corrected his errors on thermodynamics. Today, I will correct the errors related to the state of origins research. As a general overview, origin-of-life research falls into two categories. The first is experiments that attempt to accurately model the conditions on the early Earth. The classic example is the Stanley Miller experiment which started with a combination of reducing gases (methane, ammonia, and hydrogen) that were believed to exist, and the researchers applied to the mixture electrical discharges. The resulting reactions produced several amino acids, heralded as a major breakthrough.Unfortunately, scientists later recognized that the early atmosphere was not likely so reducing. Instead, it contained a different combination of gases including carbon dioxide. All subsequent experiments conducted with more realistic starting ingredients failed to produce the building blocks of life (amino acids, carbohydrates, nucleotides, and lipids) in significant quantities. An additional challenge for all such experiments, including Miller’s, was that they produced other byproducts that would have caused deleterious cross reactions. Such conditions would have prevented any subsequent stages leading to life. All roads led to dead ends…”

Source: The Origin of Life: Dangers of Taking Research Claims at Face Value | Evolution News

“…While the eyes of freedom-loving Americans are focused on the Masterpiece Cakeshop case now before the United States Supreme Court, a serious threat to religious liberty has suddenly erupted in our neighbor to the north.The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has just announced it will demand – in writing – fealty to transgender and abortion “rights” from employers before they will be allowed to receive summer job grants for students…”

Source: U.S. leaders sound alarm over Canada’s new pro-abortion loyalty oath for businesses | Blogs | LifeSite

“…The following are five reasons why a thoughtful person seeking religious truth should start with Christianity. I originally heard these five reasons in an apologetics lecture by Dr. Craig Hazen of Biola University. Those interested in exploring these more should check out one of his lectures (start around 14:15) or read his apologetics novel Five Sacred Crossings.And now the five reasons:..”

Source: 5 Reasons to Start Your Religious Quest with Christianity | Radical Worldview

“…Barna Research surveyed Americans last year on moral absolutes and found only 35 percent of people believe moral truth is absolute. The conclusion? “Christian morality is being ushered out of American social structures and off the cultural mainstage,” and this results in the broader culture trying to fill the void…”

Source: Standing Against the Tide of Moral Relativism – Stand Up For The Truth

“…This is where intelligent design theory can provide some clarity. It states that chance and natural causes need to be ruled out first. Then, when specified complexity is found, the inference to the best explanation is intelligent design — the activity of a mind…”

Source: Crop Circles as an ID Test | Evolution News

I have some differences with Dr. Sproul’s Theology, but he’s a brother in Christ, and he articulated some things very concisely, such as this:

“…The cross was a glorious outworking of the grace of God, by which the Father commissioned the Son to make full satisfaction so that sinners might be saved with no sacrifice of God’s justice…”

Source: 40 Quotes from R. C. Sproul (1939–2017)

45 Five-Star Reviews! ‘What Your Atheist Professor Doesn’t Know (But Should)’ – Available in audio, print and electronic forms…xlnt gift idea! http://ow.ly/VHcN30hhveC


It’s important that Christians — and everyone else, for that matter — understand that The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics makes both Abiogenesis and macro-evolution impossible without the intervention of a mind. It’s sad when otherwise bright philosophers like Vincent Torley buy into materialist hand-waving over it hook, line and sinker, as Brian Miller points out here:

“…Torley writes that the work of Jeremy England has overcome all of these challenges by demonstrating that natural processes could move a system toward higher free energy. This claim represents a complete misunderstanding of his research. England’s simulations study how energy could be absorbed from some source and then released (dissipated) into the environment. His models presuppose that energy is readily available, and it can be directly accessed to drive specific reactions of interest. In other words, if his models did relate to the origin of life, he would have assumed that the central problem of processing and redirecting an available energy source would have already been solved.However, in none of his technical papers does he directly relate any of his work to concrete origin-of-life research. He simply states that his models might offer possible analogies, and he identifies minimum heat dissipation in self-replication. Popular-level articles have strongly made the connection to the origin of life but without any justification. To the contrary, England’s work is based on fluctuation theorems which demonstrate that systems driven from equilibrium tend towards states of higher entropy and greater energy dissipation — the opposite direction of what is needed for the first cell. For perspective on the problem: combining basic molecules into a bacterium requires energy being absorbed (opposite of dissipated) from the environment in the amount of roughly 0.27 ev/atom. This value, if scaled, would parallel a bathtub of room-temperature water absorbing enough heat from the environment to start boiling. A clear impossibility…”

Source: The Origin of Life: Correcting Common Mistakes on Thermodynamics | Evolution News

“Does Christmas have pagan origins or not? Today’s post features 3 short and concise articles by apologist and speaker Lenny Esposito that consider this question historically and with up-to-date scholarship.Esposito writes:…”

Source: Truthbomb Apologetics: Christmas- Pagan or Not?

“…Szostak by his own admission was “incredibly excited” by the outcome of his work. But as Retraction Watch puts it, “the team had misinterpreted the initial data.” It was “definitely embarrassing,” as Szostak concedes. “In retrospect, we were totally blinded by our belief.” Again, as Dr. Gauger notes, his honesty is to be praised.But what is that about being “blinded” by “belief”? I hear an echo of his remarks on intelligent design and its peril, in which he added the comment, “I think that belief systems based on faith are inherently dangerous, as they leave the believer susceptible to manipulation when skepticism and inquiry are discouraged…”

Source: Prominent Retraction Vindicates Stephen Meyer and Signature in the Cell | Evolution News

“…You took the first brave steps on the path with Him, and for Him. It is for this that I tell you to keep going. It does not matter how far along, or how far behind you are. The road is full of impostors, but they are not always the ones in the rear… they are the ones standing still. Do not be enticed by their false ends. Do not be discouraged if you face a setback or are forced to retrace ground from time to time. All who follow this path encounter such things. After all, the road becomes narrower—yet more beautiful—the further you go. It is a challenge, make no mistake. But what sort of individual backs away from a challenge? And what greater challenge is there than holiness?…”

Source: Hold Tight to This When You’re Feeling Weary and Tired | LightWorkers

“…People naturally have questions. They always have and always will. One of the key functions of apologetics, then, is to respond to questions and clear away objections people have that hinder their trust in Christ…”

Source: Apologetics is like an Anti-Virus – Cyber Penance

“…Mormons aren’t the only believers who embrace this subjective “epistemology” (approach to assessing and accepting a truth claim). As I’ve travelled across the country making the case for the reliability of the gospels, I’ve discovered this to be the approach of most committed Christians as well. Many of the people in my audiences have never previously considered the evidence I’m presenting. In fact, most tell me they’ve never even thought about the role evidence might play in their faith. Few have ever read an “apologetics” book. When I ask them about their own journey of faith, they sound much like my Mormon siblings. Some were raised in the Church, some have had personal experiences they’ve interpreted as confirmation, and some were convinced by the loving nature of the Christian community. Most have come to trust in Jesus without ever examining the evidence beyond their own personal experience…”

Source: The Danger of Belief “In” Without Belief “That” | Cold Case Christianity

“This blog post is based on the Minimal Facts argument for the Resurrection of Jesus by Dr. Gary Habermas, and it one of the strongest arguments that I have seen for the resurrection.Dr. Habermas is an American historian, New Testament scholar, and philosopher of religion , and he has been studying the resurrection for around 40 years now. During this time he has been cataloguing the accepted facts of the resurrection by every New Testament scholar he can find, regardless of their belief.

He says this about his Minimal Facts argument:…”

Source: Evidence of the Resurrection Accepted Even by Atheist New Testament Scholars – Cyber Penance

“…In a review article B. Greyson refers to Van Lommel’s study (as well as other sources) and mentions that there have been “documented and corroborated accurate perceptions by near-death experiencers of incidents that occurred during the time when the brain was fully anesthetized or deprived of blood flow, as during cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest”. B. Greyson also mentions that apparently some patients reported events that occurred beyond what their sense organs could perceive and that would have been impossible for them to perceive even in a conscious state. (Greyson, Bruce (2015-11-09). “Western Scientific Approaches to Near-Death Experiences”. Humanities. 4 (4): 775–796. doi:10.3390/h4040775.)…”


“…This squares with my friend Nabeel Qureshi’s assessment in this part 2 of his book “People from Eastern Islamic cultures generally assess truth through lines of authority, not individual reasoning. Of course, individuals do engage in critical reasoning in the East, but on average it is relatively less valued and far less prevalent than in the West. Leaders have done the critical reasoning, and leaders know best…”

Source: Truthbomb Apologetics: East Meets West – Mark Mittelberg

“…Dr. Haarsma’s main point is that a near consensus of scientists affirm evolution — which is an ambiguous term, of course — and so, therefore, should her fellow Christians. With all respect, I don’t think she really begins to come to terms with Meyer’s presentation of the profound scientific problems facing evolutionary orthodox or his sketch of how that orthodoxy is coming under fire — not from ID proponents but from mainstream scientists.I like Steve Meyer’s formulation that the purpose of a book like Theistic Evolution is to “liberate” thoughtful adults — laypeople, theologians, pastors, anyone — from the feeling that they’re obliged to submit to Darwinian evolution as the only intellectually responsible heuristic for thinking about God and creation. You’ve heard of liberation theology. Perhaps it’s fair to call ID liberation science…”

Source: In a Radio Debate on Theistic Evolution, Stephen Meyer Meets Deborah Haarsma of BioLogos | Evolution News

I believe this is his widow — God bless them:


“…The basic problem, he contends, is that current biology requires us to view life forms as machines. Yet a key characteristic of life forms is the intention of remaining alive and purposeful activity toward that end. For Turner, homeostasis (the way a life form balances itself within an environment and all of its cells balance themselves within it in order to stay alive) is central to understanding life, but largely ignored…”

Source: If life evolved, purposeless and unguided, why is there so much purpose and guidance within it? | Uncommon Descent

“…So what is “teleonomy”? Mainstream scientists continue to be philosophically allergic to the idea that design (the observation) is caused by design (the intelligent process), or too afraid to be seen to acknowledge it. This has led to the coining of a new term and a new distinction: the hard-to-deny facts of biological purpose and design are now labelled “teleonomy,” whilst the contentious and frightening “theological” idea of a primordial actor or creator is now labelled as “teleology.” They loudly assert that teleology has long been discounted and now teleonomy takes its place. That’s fine if you want to believe it. All we are going to do here is to point out that facts have driven biology back towards notions of design, and mainstream scientists are going as far as they dare to bring back into biology thoughts that most of us already knew intuitively. Good for them…” May it continue.

Source: Design (But Not Design) Is the New Unifying Principle of Biology | Evolution News

“Robert Dean has become a friend of mine. Over the years, Robert produced a number of television programs featuring my cold-cases, beginning with an episode of North Mission Road featuring the murder of Barbara Bradford. Yesterday, Robert sent me a link to several episodes of Dateline in which my cases were presented (Robert was the producer on most of these shows). I was grateful because I previously hosted these episodes on our YouTube Channel but didn’t want to violate NBC Universal’s copyright. So, here are links to the episodes as they are hosted on the NBC Dateline website:..”

Source: The J. Warner Wallace Dateline Collection | Cold Case Christianity

“Around this time of year, it is very common to hear the oft-repeated claim that Christmas is a pagan holiday and that Christians ought not celebrate it. Below, I have assembled resources that address some of the common concerns both Christian and non-Christians have around this time of year…”

Source: Truthbomb Apologetics: Is Christmas Pagan?

“The scientific discoveries that might have supported the naturalist view of the universe, life, and the human mind have never actually occurred. Stubborn problems, old and new, make such discoveries less likely than ever. New technology in neuroscience, for example, has enabled unexpected new findings that point unambiguously in a non-naturalist direction, raising the suspicion of more such findings to come.Naturalists are not taking it well; fighting superstition is easier than fighting magnetic resonance imaging. For some decades, we have simply been informed that “science would find the answer” to stubborn problems. But what happens if “stubborn problems” are signals that our ideas are incomplete and new insights are needed?..”

Source: Mock at Your Peril! Naturalism Is a Jealous Fraud | Evolution News

“…Be watchful! John warns that we should “not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see if they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world” (1 John 4:1)…”

Source: 10 Signs of a Cultic Church

Please pray for Melinda Penner of STR!

“As many of you already know from social media, Melinda (the “Enforcer,” as many of you know her from the podcast) had a serious accident yesterday morning. She fell from a ladder, hit her head, and was unconscious, bleeding from nose and ears. Tests at UCLA showed that her skull was fractured, there was internal bleeding in three places, and pressure was building up inside her skull approaching lethal levels…”

Source: Urgent Prayer Request for Melinda | Stand to Reason

“If the church loses the intellectual battle in one generation, then evangelism will become immeasurably more difficult in the next. The war is not yet lost, and it is one which we must not lose: souls of men and women hang in the balance. For the sake of greater effectiveness in witnessing to Jesus Christ Himself, as well as for their own sakes, evangelicals cannot afford to keep on living on the periphery of responsible intellectual existence.” — William Lane Craig (from, Hard Questions, Real Answers)

“…1. Best Academic Apologetics:

Biola University

The most academically prestigious school on the list is Biola University and its graduate extension Talbot Theological Seminary. Their faculty includes such notables as William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland, Philip Johnson, Craig Hazen, John Mark Reynolds, Doug Geivett, Scott Rae, Greg Koukl, Paul Nelson, and others.

Graduates of Biola are generally top-notch philosophers and academic apologists. Biola prioritizes transforming collegiate education in America by placing its graduates in prestigious PhD programs around the country. Also, the campus culture is apologetics-intensive, with numerous free and low-cost lectures and conferences, some which take place elsewhere around the country and can be used towards fulfilling the residency requirement for out-of-state students.

Set in Los Angeles, the cost of living is high and the traffic can be a real problem, hindering accessibility. Another downside is the lack of online learning options. The 36–credit hour M.A. in Apologetics can be achieved through a distance-learning track, but even it has an on-campus requirement (via two week-long, intensive modules). On the other hand, the 9- to 10-hour distance-learning “certificate in apologetics” can be transferred into the M.A. in Apologetics program for up to 6 units of credit.

The cost for Biola is higher than most at $485 per credit hour, but there are no accreditation issues to worry about…”

Source: The Top 10 Graduate Programs in Christian Apologetics | The Best Schools

“…There was only one small problem. Dr. Bechly had not actually investigated any of the resources that were on the “light” side of the scale. Oh sure, he had read other evolutionists’ views on those resources, but he had not actually investigated them himself. He decided to do so, and he was surprised by what he found. As he explains in the documentary Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines:

…and what I recognized to my surprise is that the arguments I found in those books were totally different from what I heard either from colleagues or when you watch Youtube videos where the discussion is around intelligent design versus NeoDarwinian evolution. And I had the impression on one side that those people are mistreated – their position is misrepresented and on the other hand that these arguments are not really receiving an appropriate response. And they have merit…”

Source: Another Atheist Comes to Christ Because of Science – Proslogion

“…Leading U.S. senators have weighed in on the Col. Leland Bohannon controversy, condemning his treatment on religious liberty grounds and demanding an investigation into his case so that justice is “restored.”Bohannon was the commander of the Air Force Inspection Agency at Kirtland Air Force Base in New Mexico. A highly decorated officer and veteran of two wars, he was stripped of his command just before being promoted to Brigadier General and his elevation was cancelled because he didn’t sign a document endorsing same-sex “marriage.”

“Col. Bohannon has suffered severely on account of the Equal Opportunity investigator’s mishandling of his religious liberty rights,” the letter stated. “The Air Force owes it to him to see that justice is restored, along with his good name…”

Source: Senators Cruz, Rubio demand justice for Air Force colonel fired for standing up for pro-family values | News | LifeSite

Understanding these will help you reject bogus Christologies:

“Over the centuries, believers have sometimes struggled to understand the nature of God and the great mystery of Jesus. The Bible describes Jesus as having the nature and power of God, and the Gospel of John tells us that He existed before the universe began (He was, in fact, the creator of the universe). At the same time, the Bible teaches Jesus was fully human and died on the cross. Efforts to reconcile the Divine and human nature of Jesus have resulted in a number of classic and historic misinterpretations:..”

Source: Historic Heresies Related to the Nature of Jesus | Cold Case Christianity

“This is a page designed to offer various critiques and answers to the arguments offered up by opponents of Christianity. I will be adding more names to the list. If you have a specific skeptic that you think should be included or an excellent response to one already on the list, please let me know via the comments…”

Follow the link for an excellent collection of responses:

Source: Truthbomb Apologetics: Updated: The Usual Suspects- Responses to “Notable” Skeptics

“…I’ve repeatedly asked myself, “How can I position myself financially, educationally, experientially and influentially to have the most Kingdom impact possible once I’m done with my career as a homicide detective? What can I do now to make my opportunities in the second half of life even greater?” My goal has been to prepare myself for a season of Christian Case Making in the second half of my life, built on everything I’ve learned and achieved in the first half of my life. If you’re interested in Christian apologetics (Christian Case Making) and are still a bit younger than I am, my experience may be helpful to you. Here’s how I approached this season of ministry:..”

Source: How to Be a One Dollar Apologist in the Second Half of Life | Cold Case Christianity

“…The following gives a sense of the degree of fine-tuning that must go into some of these values to yield a life-friendly universe:

  • Gravitational constant: 1 part in 10^34
  • Electromagnetic force versus force of gravity: 1 part in 10^37
  • Cosmological constant: 1 part in 10^120
  • Mass density of universe:  1 part in 10^59
  • Expansion rate of universe: 1 part in 10^55
  • Initial entropy:  1 part in 10^ (10^123)

The last item in the list — the initial entropy of the universe — shows an astounding degree of fine-tuning. What all this shares is an incredible, astronomically precise, purposeful care and planning that went into the crafting of the laws and constants of the universe, gesturing unmistakably to intelligent design. As Nobel laureate in physics Charles Townes stated:

Intelligent design, as one sees it from a scientific point of view, seems to be quite real. This is a very special universe: it’s remarkable that it came out just this way. If the laws of physics weren’t just the way they are, we couldn’t be here at all. The sun couldn’t be there, the laws of gravity and nuclear laws and magnetic theory, quantum mechanics, and so on have to be just the way they are for us to be here…”

Source: ID’s Top Six — The Fine-Tuning of the Universe | Evolution News

“…I wasn’t a Christian until I was about thirty-five, and back in those days, I didn’t even know there was a field of study called apologetics. I was just presented with the person of Jesus, and I thought, well, I need to know, Do the gospels tell me something I can trust? And I just applied the skillset that I had for testing eyewitnesses. I’m usually working in cases that are old, which haven’t been solved. I worked cold cases, so that skillset actually came in handy. That’s the only technique I had available to me, that’s the only thing I knew in my professional work. So that’s the approach I took. It was very much an investigative approach from the top down…” — Cold case detective J. Warner Wallace.

Source: Looking for a Million $1 Apologists – Christian Research Institute