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“…And readers of Evolution News, as intelligent design advocates, could run our handy-dandy Design Filters and decide that these structures pass the test: they are not products of chance or natural law, and they contain specified information…”

Question: Is the inference to design scientific? This (among other things) shows that it IS!

Source: Mysterious Structures in Arabian Desert: All We Know Is that They Were Designed | Evolution News

“…I am a mass murderer,” a former abortionist who is now pro-life told a U.S. House committee yesterday as she testified in favor of legislation banning abortions on babies with beating hearts. Dr. Kathi Aultman, a board certified Ob/Gyn and a fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), bluntly told this to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee Wednesday as it discussed the Heartbeat Protection Act of 2017…”

Source: ‘I am a mass murderer,’ former abortionist tells Congress | News | LifeSite

“…Such a rise from RNA to cell-based life would have required an out-of-the-blue appearance of an aaRS-like protein that worked even better than its adapted RNA counterpart,” Carter said. “That extremely unlikely event would have needed to happen not just once but multiple times — once for every amino acid in the existing gene-protein code. It just doesn’t make sense…”

Source: Origin of life researchers: RNA World can’t produce genetic code | Uncommon Descent

“…When examining a death scene to determine if it was the result of accidental (or natural) causes or the malicious consequence of a killer, I begin by looking for evidence of intelligent interaction (I describe this process in great detail in God’s Crime Scene). Is there evidence at the scene that indicates another intelligent being (the killer) was present? In a similar way, when examining biological structures to determine if they are the result of accidental or natural causes, or the conscious consequence of an intelligent designer, I begin by looking for evidence of intelligent interaction. What are the features of design that all of us recognize intuitively every day, and are these features present in biological organisms? In God’s Crime Scene, I describe eight common characteristics of design and intelligent interaction, and although I think the cumulative case is overwhelming and persuasive when presented in it’s totality, there are a few features of design that are even easier to communicate when making a brief case for an intelligent Creator:..”

Source: Three Evidences That Point to Intelligent Interaction | Cold Case Christianity

“…How did they know where to look in the first place? Well, they used the biblical text itself. Writing in Biblical Archeology Review, Franklin said that the details provided in the account of Naboth and the subsequent fall of Ahab’s dynasty at the hands of Jehu provided “valuable information regarding the vineyard’s location.”In fact, it was the correspondence between the physical evidence and the biblical account that led Franklin and her colleagues to ask if they found evidence of Naboth’s vineyard…”

Source: Discovering Naboth’s Vineyard

“Here’s a quick quiz:If your stomach was so upset that you decided you needed an emetic, and didn’t have one on hand, forcing you to watch the harpies on The View so you could get that rancid food out of your stomach, and one of the hosts on the show was discussing the 10 Commandments and mentioned Jesus’ name, and both times it was mentioned, it was bleeped out, what would you suspect?..”

Source: ‘The View’ Bleeps Out Jesus’ Name — Twice | Daily Wire

“Richard Dawkins once famously said, “Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.” He’s also quoted saying, “Many of us saw religion as harmless nonsense. Beliefs might lack all supporting evidence but, we thought, if people needed a crutch for consolation, where’s the harm? September 11th changed all that.” Dawkins isn’t the only atheist who believes Christianity can’t be supported by evidence. Sam Harris said, “When considering the truth of a proposition, one is either engaged in an honest appraisal of the evidence and logical arguments, or one isn’t. Religion is one area of our lives where people imagine that some other standard of intellectual integrity applies.” Statements such as these, while they are rhetorically powerful, expose a lack of understanding about the nature of evidence. Dawkins and Harris aren’t professional case makers, and they aren’t familiar with the broad categories of evidence we use in criminal and civil trials every day. Detectives and prosecutors understand anything can be assessed evidentially. There are only two categories of evidence, and Christian Case Makers use both types of evidence when making a case for Christianity:Category One: Direct Evidence
Eyewitness testimony.

Category Two: Indirect (Circumstantial) Evidence
Everything else…”

Source: Yes, the Christian Worldview Is Supported by the Evidence | Cold Case Christianity

“…The latest findings, published in Scientific Reports, show how at the end of the program he could stand without the scES device and move his legs voluntarily. This “unexpected recovery,” the authors say, indicates that the brain continues to adapt to try to allow for movement—and could mean there is potential for new treatments of the human nervous system after complete spinal cord injury.

Andrew Jackson, Professor of Neural Interfaces at Newcastle University, U.K., who was not involved in the study, said the findings were exciting and that it could help change accepted knowledge about spinal cord injury…”

Source: Spinal Cord Repair: Paralyzed Man Surprises Scientists by Standing and Moving on His Own

“…While no one denies there is some connection between a person’s mental state and his brain, it is nevertheless absurd to suggest that subjective-self-awareness, intentionality, qualia and other features of consciousness can be reduced to the electro-chemical reactions in the brain. “Mental” and “Physical” are self-evidently in different ontological categories…”

Source: “It’s Emergent!” and “It’s Magical!” Have Equivalent Scientific Explanatory Power for Consciousness | Uncommon Descent

“Let’s admit it: the Christian Church is largely anti-intellectual. When I ask my Christian audiences, “Why are you a Christian,” I typically get the same three answers my Mormon family members offer: “I was raised in the Church,” “I had an experience that confirmed it for me,” or “I was transformed by my relationship with God (Jesus).” These are fine answers, but if every believer (whether Christian, Mormon, Muslim or otherwise) can offer the emotional or experiential explanation, how can we determine which belief system is true? Those of us who are committed to making the case for Christianity recognize the challenge of guiding the Church toward better answers and a more thoughtful, reasonable faith. It’s going to be a big job. In fact, it’s going to take a team…”

Source: It Takes a Team to Change the Church | Cold Case Christianity

“…Irreducible complexity. From ScienceDaily:

Although bacteria have no sensory organs in the classical sense, they are still masters in perceiving their environment.

Swimming Caulobacter bacteria have a rotating motor in their cell envelope with a long protrusion, the flagellum. The rotation of the flagellum enables the bacteria to move in liquids. Much to the surprise of the researchers, the rotor is also used as a mechano-sensing organ. Motor rotation is powered by proton flow into the cell via ion channels. When swimming cells touch surfaces, the motor is disturbed and the proton flux interrupted…”

Source: Flagellum gives bacteria a sense of touch. Behe is right. | Uncommon Descent

“…It is a bit of a leap to say that if humans had passed through a bottleneck they would have similar levels of genetic diversity to Tasmanian devils. Whilst it seems clear that the Tasmanian devils have passed through a bottleneck, not all bottlenecks are the same. They can differ in their length as well as in their intensity, and a short bottleneck has less severe consequences than a long one. A short, sharp bottleneck is all that is needed for the Adam and Eve hypothesis…”

Source: Geneticist defends possible Adam and Eve in Nature: Ecology and Evolution | Uncommon Descent

How common is the fallacy of Appeal To Popularity? Far more common than it should be!  It’s better to stand alone on solid ground than to huddle with the herd on quicksand:

“…Parents of teens commonly hear, “Everybody else is doing it!” But adolescents are not the only ones who judge right or wrong by others’ actions. Two recent studies on morality showed the choices of the majority often dictate society’s moral standards…”

Source: In secular morality, the majority rules – Science & Tech – WORLD

Spoon-feeding this crap to children? Gross!!!

“The storyline, set to air on Friday, will form part of the second season of the show Andi Mack and will explore the realization of a young male that he is attracted to one of his male classmates.The series, which premiered earlier this year, is a coming of age comedy-drama, which details the life of 13-year-old Andi Mack as she deals with some bizarre revelations surrounding her family life. The median age of the Disney series’ viewers is 10 years old…”

“…but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” — Jesus (Matthew 18: 6).

Source: Disney Channel to Introduce First Ever Gay Storyline

“In a previous article, Ann Gauger described how J. Scott Turner identified homeostasis as the foundational principle defining life in his new book Purpose and Desire: What Makes Something “Alive” and Why Modern Darwinism Has Failed to Explain It. Homeostasis represents persistence of form—the driving tendency of life to maintain itself in a state of dynamic disequilibrium with the outside world. As one example, the internal conditions of any organism from a simple cell to a complex animal are maintained within tightly controlled ranges of such factors as temperature, pH, and concentrations of essential chemicals. Homeostasis must persist even in dramatically varying external conditions, else the organism dies and decomposes back into simple chemicals. Today’s article will focus on what Turner describes as the flipside of homeostasis, which is cognition…”

Source: In Purpose and Desire, Scott Turner Argues that Cognition Is Foundational to Life | Evolution News

“…African-American leaders launched a new campaign expressing their support for Jack Phillips, the baker whose case of refusing to create a same-sex “wedding” cake has gone all the way to the Supreme Court and will be heard later this year.The leaders spoke outside the Supreme Court on Monday in support of Phillips. They also launched a website to accompany their campaign, called “We Got Your Back, Jack…”

Source: Black leaders: Declining to bake a gay ‘wedding’ cake isn’t same as racism | News | LifeSite

Perhaps the creepiest thing about Darwinism is its implication that some humans are less evolved than others. FALSE! We are all created in the image of God, and the biological gulf between humans and apes is insurpassable.

“…Human Zoos is a documentary that tells the story of how thousands of indigenous peoples were put on public display in America in the early decades of the twentieth century. Often touted as “missing links” between man and apes, these native peoples were harassed, demeaned, and jeered at. Their public display was arranged with the enthusiastic support of the most elite members of the scientific community, and it was promoted uncritically by America’s leading newspapers. The documentary also tells the story of a courageous group of African-American ministers who tried to stop one such “Human Zoo” in New York City. The documentary features Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Pamela Newkirk, author of Spectacle: The Astonishing Life of Ota Benga…”

Source: New Documentary, Human Zoos, Will Get Public Premiere, November 11 at Oregon Film Festival | Evolution News

“…So, where is the randomness? Well, within the CDR, as best as we can figure, the immune system generates random changes. Is that really a random mutation, though? It has excluded 99.99993% of the genome and focused on the 0.00007% that it knows needs changing. What I tell people is that I will be happy to agree with them that this process is 0.00007% random if they will agree with me that it is 99.99993% designed. That usually ends the conversation.What’s also interesting is that the cell itself starts and stops the process as needed. That is, these aren’t just happenstance mutations – the cell actively knows it needs mutations, and activates a system to produce them, then produces them within the span of 2,000 base pairs that it knows is likely to produce benefit, and then stops once it finds a benefit (it’s actually closer to 500 base pairs that get significant mutations, but there are a few rare mutations farther into the gene)…”

Source: The Immune System is Really Amazing (and Designed) | Uncommon Descent

“…Naturalists (who say nature is all there is) have recently sought to jimmy the rules around evidence to accommodate their strong belief that a multiverse really exists. Astrophysicist Ethan Siegel offers a glimpse of the future they propose, in a piece at Forbes titled “The multiverse is inevitable and we’re living in it”:..”

Source: Nature, as Defined Today, Cannot Be All There Is  | Evolution News

“…That summer, there was an apologetics conference at my home church with RZIM speakers Nabeel Qureshi, Alycia Wood, and Cameron McAllister. At the time, I didn’t really understand what apologetics was, or why I needed it. However, as the conference was going on and I sat in the back listening to the speakers talking about the very doubts that I had in my mind at the time and logically going through each issue and showing how God was the answer, something stirred my heart. The way that they talked about God, about the Bible, about very real issues inspired me to know more. Suddenly I had a desire to seek out answers to my doubts, to increase my knowledge of God rather than just memorizing facts about Him.

Through apologetics, my faith became very real to me. Christianity was no longer a faith that had few answers to the questions and doubts of my heart, but rather a faith with answers to my questions—a logical and rational faith…”

Source: Apologetics Restored my Faith | Truth Matters Ministries

“…We tend to overlook two key facts. One is that everyone validates their design intuition through firsthand experience. The other is that this is scientific in nature. It really is. Basic science is an integral part of how we live. We are all careful observers of our world. We all make mental notes of what we observe. We all use those notes to build conceptual models of how things work. And we all continually refine these models as needed. Without doubt, this is science. I have called it common science to emphasize the connection to common sense…”

Source: The Universal Design Intuition: Case in Point | Evolution News

“…Faith in God is a reasonable faith. I want my kids to see that Christianity is true to the way things are—that it corresponds to reality. I want them to see Christianity as good and beautiful too—that Jesus and the Gospel satisfy their longings in a way that nothing else can. I want them to know what they believe and why they believe it. I want them to love the right things in the right way. In short, I want to teach my kids apologetics. In this post, I share three ways my wife and I taught our kids apologetics without them knowing it…”

Source: Three Ways To Teach Your Kids Apologetics (Without Them Realizing It) | Theological Matters

“…I put the tweezers” in the dish of body parts, she said. Touching a tiny limb, “I felt the pain radiate through my hand. You can feel the death go up through, you know, it was something that was just alive. And I grabbed it, and I felt that, and I started to get woozy.”“Next thing I know, I woke up in the recovery room,” said O’Donnell. A nurse assured her it wasn’t unusual that she passed out upon seeing the aborted baby’s “remains.”

“Honestly, some of us never get over it,” O’Donnell said the Planned Parenthood nurse told her…”

Source: Former baby parts harvester recalls first day at work: ‘You can feel the death’ | News | LifeSite

“…The seeds of its decay were in it from the beginning. It called itself a movement of reason. But its “reason” was never about thinking well to reach sound conclusions. It was about starting with the one approved test and reaching the one approved conclusion: “If it isn’t scientific, you can’t know it’s true; therefore you can’t believe anything religion says.” That claim itself can’t be proven scientifically, which makes it not much of a foundation for “reason.”I was at the Reason Rally in 2012, along with a group from the Ratio Christi campus ministry. One of the atheist stars on stage that day, a singer/pianist whose name I have mercifully forgotten, sang a song about the Pope that featured more than 70 instances of the F-word. My friend Blake and I spoke with P.Z. Myers, biology professor from Minnesota and a second-layer New Atheist leader, who told us he could never visit any church because he couldn’t be civil there…”

Source: The Death of ‘New Atheism’ | The Stream

“…I occasionally get asked to review cold-cases for local agencies. I examine the evidence they’ve collected to help them determine if they’ve got enough to file the case with the District Attorney. I employ an approach that I’ve described in Cold-Case Christianity, called “Abductive Reasoning”; a process that also has application for those of us who examine the evidence of Scripture. One local cold-case, like all my cases, relied on a cumulative collection of circumstantial evidences. Convincing circumstantial cases emerge when a large number of facts are most reasonably explained by the same common cause. If a particular suspect can account for all the evidence in the case, that suspect is the most reasonable candidate…”

Source: Reasonable Faith, Biblical Interpretation and “Tipping Point” Evidence | Cold Case Christianity

“…Koukl: No strategy, however brilliant, can win a war. The devil, as they say, is in the details. Individual soldiers must engage, deploying assets and destroying obstacles to gain an advantage, dodging bullets all the while.Though we are following a diplomatic model and not a military one, the military metaphor is still helpful to distinguish strategy from tactics. Tactics, literally “the art of arranging,” focus on the immediate situation at hand. They involve the orderly hands-on choreography of the particulars. Often a clever commander can gain the advantage over a larger force with superior strength or numbers through deft tactical maneuvering…”

Source: Sharing Your Faith with Atheists Doesn’t Have to Be Scary | Zondervan Academic Blog | Zondervan Academic

“…Depictions of the bacterial flagellum in 1996, the year Darwin’s Black Box was published, and in 2002, when Unlocking the Mystery of Life brought it to the screen in animation, look crude by comparison to the latest ones that show all the parts in near-nanometer resolution.* But they were sharp enough to motivate Michael Behe’s “Revolutionary” argument for intelligent design from irreducible complexity. Three new papers do nothing to undermine that design inference, despite some of the researchers’ appeals to evolution. Instead, the papers add new details about the precision working of these machines, unknown 15 years ago, that accentuate the argument for design…”

Source: Three Flagellum Updates Amplify Behe’s Challenge to Darwinism from Irreducible Complexity | Evolution News

“…In yet another example of sports being about something so much greater than competition, NBA star Stephen Curry took a moment before Monday night’s face-off between his Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks to console a grieving youngster. The emotional moment was captured on video by attendees and posted to social media and seemingly shows Curry praying and sharing a word with the clearly emotional boy…”

Source: NBA Star Stephen Curry Prays Courtside with Emotional Youngster Who Just Lost His Dad | LightWorkers

“…Describing the “patient within the patient,” The New York Times noted he had “exquisite, all perfectly formed” fingers and toes.The article used words like “mother,” identified the baby as the couple’s “son,” and suggested a fetus could “die.”

That the tiny offspring in a mother’s womb isn’t human or alive is a common argument of pro-abortion activists, but they frequently fall victim to slips of the tongue that acknowledge reality and science…”

Source: New York Times accidentally reveals humanity of the preborn in article on fetal surgery | Blogs | LifeSite

“…Back when I was a youth pastor (and my kids were part of my ministry), I paired my sons with a young man, Tim, who I came to trust as a leader. He is nearly twenty years younger than I am, and he is much more culturally relevant. My sons love him and respect his musical ability and his athleticism. He shares my Christian worldview and my passion for case making, but is a much cooler version of me.

Over the years, Tim has often echoed my thoughts and beliefs, and there were times when my sons seemed to embrace these ideas more readily when they came from him, rather than me. Identify relevant mentors, introduce your kids to thoughtful role models, and do whatever it takes to keep them connected. Place reasonable, devoted believers alongside your kids…”

But, of course, give them a background check first!

Source: Four Ways to Come Alongside Your Kids to Strengthen Their Faith | Cold Case Christianity

“…Recently on the Michael Medved Show, atheist Michael Shermer debated Catholic philosopher Edward Feser. The subject was Feser’s new book on five arguments for the existence of God. During the debate, a caller commented on the improbability of the undirected appearance of life. Shermer stated that bottom-up organizational principles are built into the laws of nature, which can create complexity. This assertion has been made countless times by scientists addressing the problem of the origin of life. However, it is based on a fundamental confusion between the order created in self-organizational processes and the specified complexity/information seen in life. Stephen Meyer describes the error at length in Signature in the Cell…”

Source: Michael Shermer and the Laws of Complexity | Evolution News

“…Right up front on their site, the Larsens make crystal clear the fundamental purpose underlying their business: “Telescope Media Group exists to glorify God through top-quality media production.”

They hope to add weddings to the events they produce. But the Minnesota Department of Human Rights claims the Larsens must produce same-sex marriage ceremonies or they can be fined thousands of dollars, made to pay triple damages and be sent to jail…”

Source: FAITH FILE: Can Bureaucrats Force You To Spea | The Daily Caller

I might quibble with a few details, but I agree with a lot of this:

“1. The physical universe is an objective reality, which is ontologically distinct from the Creator (Genesis 1:1; John 1:1).

2. The laws of nature exhibit order, pattern and regularity, since they are established by an orderly God (Psalm 19:1-4).

3. The laws of nature are uniform throughout the physical universe, since God created and providentially sustains them…”

Source: Truthbomb Apologetics: Kenneth Samples Summarizes 10 Ways Christian Belief Creates a Hospitable Environment for Scientific Inquiry

“…The editor responsible for this appears to be someone called Atlantic306. At his User page, he says of himself, “Hi, I’m Jimmy. My interests include animal rights,economics,films [sic] and most sports..At present am located in the highlands of Scotland.”Reading the history of revisions is a bit bewildering, littered with more editors’ pseudonyms — including Apollo The Logician (since blocked for using multiple identities), Theroadislong (with an interest in ceramics), and Freakshownerd (a “suspected sock puppet of ChildofMidnight” and since blocked)…”

Source: You’ve Been Edited — Another ID Scholar, Walter Bradley, Gets the Wikipedia Treatment | Evolution News

“…According to Roger Penrose, one of Britain’s leading theoretical physicists, ‘In order to produce a universe resembling the one in which we live, the Creator would have to aim for an absurdly tiny volume of the phase space of possible universes’ (Penrose 1989, p. 343). How tiny is this volume? According to Penrose, if we let x = 10123, the volume of phase space would be about 1/10x of the entire volume (1989, p. 343). This is vastly smaller than the ratio of the volume of a proton – which is about 10−45 m3 – to the entire volume of the visible universe, which is approximately 1084 m3. Thus, this precision is much, much greater than the precision that would be required to hit an individual proton if the entire visible universe were a dartboard!…”

Source: Thought Snack: The Fine-Tuning of Low Entropy – A Clear Lens

“…There is a false societal consensus that atheism is the position of the intellectual elite of the world.  That the more thoughtful and intelligent people are atheists, while those who lack critical thinking abilities resort to Theism out of ignorance, fear, or naivety.

However, in the eyes of professional philosophers, it is the wave of New Atheists who are perceived as being the intellectual deficient…”

Source: New Atheists Are Not Intellectually Bright, Philosophers Agree | Reasons for Jesus

“…You could attack him, too, for using, or abusing, the research of MIT physicist Jeremy England. What follows is a spoiler, so be warned: At the climax, Brown recounts the contents of a splashy video by atheist computer savant and “futurist” Edmond Kirsch, supposedly demonstrating that England in his research has explained how life originated through the laws of physics alone. This echoes a claim about Dr. England made by some journalists, which we’ve addressed before.England himself protested last week in a well-timed Wall Street Journal article, pointing out that he himself is a religious believer, an Orthodox Jew, and that the physics of life’s origin presented in Brown’s book is a vacant space: “There’s no real science in the book to argue over…”

Source: Dan Brown’s New Novel Pushes Atheism and Endorses Intelligent Design. Wait…What? | Evolution News

“…Pro-abortion activists have adopted a new legal strategy against pro-life laws in Missouri, challenging them as violations of religious liberty protections. In 2016, a self-avowed Satanist sued the state, claiming its abortion regulations are “religious tenets” and therefore a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Missouri’s Religious Freedom and Restoration Act (RFRA). The case now heads to the state’s Supreme Court for what could be a final decision…”

Source: Missouri Satanist Challenges Pro-Life Laws as ‘Religious Tenets’ – Christian News Headlines

“…National Right to Life has endorsed Republican Ed Gillespie, a 100% pro-life candidate who will sign pro-life laws and support live-saving policies in Virginia to succeed pro-abortion Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

The Virginia affiliate of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, has endorsed Northam. They have pledged to spend $3 million in the race supporting Northam, whose record as a member of the state Assembly was solidly pro-abortion…”

Source: Pro-life Gillespie narrowly ahead in Va. Gubernatorial contest in latest Monmouth poll | NRL News Today

“…McLaughlin & Associates conducted the survey of 1,000 likely voters (33% Republicans, 36% Democrats, 31% Independents) on Friday, October 13, 2017. The margin of error is ±3.1 percent. The poll found:

  • 51.5 percent support the Trump administration’s rollback of the HHS preventative services mandate, which forces employers to be complicit in the provision of abortion-inducing drugs regardless of their deeply held religious and moral objections. 36.3 percent said they were opposed.
  • 62.2 percent support legislation limiting abortions after twenty weeks, or five months of pregnancy, a point by which science shows unborn children can feel pain. Only 25.3 percent were opposed…”

Source: Poll Shows Voters Back 20-Week Abortion Ban and Rolling Back Obamacare Abortion Mandate | LifeNews.com

“…Everything changed midway through the first quarter, when Hayward attempted to catch an alley-oop pass for a dunk. He landed awkwardly on his left foot, and everyone knew immediately something awful had happened. Hayward’s left foot was pointing directly sideways, causing fans and players in attendance to grimace at the scene. Even his opponents, the Cavaliers, were stunned…”

Source: ‘I Am Playing for the Glory of God’: Gordon Hayward Suffers Horrific Injury, Players Immediately Begin Praying | LightWorkers

“…As science writer Alex Berezow puts it a bit more bluntly:

The origin of life is a profound mystery. Once life arose, natural selection and evolution took over, but the question of how a mixture of various gases created life-giving molecules that arranged into structures capable of reproducing themselves remains unanswered. Many theories have been proposed, some of which are popular (e.g., RNA World), and some of which are a far-fetched (e.g., aliens). Unlike politics, more ideas are not necessarily better; in science, a diversity of theories tends to betray the reality that scientists have no idea what’s going on…”

Source: But, But, But…We Thought the Origin-of-Life Mystery Was All But Solved! | Evolution News

““…The moon rode in the blue eternity; it was a very triumph of glorious night; the river ran babble-murmuring in deep soft syllables; the fountain kept rushing forever falling like snow, but with a continuous music clash, into the bed of its exhaustion beneath; the wind woke, took a run among the trees, went to sleep, and woke again; the daisies slept on their feet at hers, but she did not know they slept; the roses might well seem awake, for their scent filled the air, but in truth they slept also, and the odor was that of their dreams; the oranges hung like gold lamps in the trees, and their silvery flowers were the souls of their yet unembodied children; the scent of the acacia blooms filled the air like the very odor of the moon herself…”

— George MacDonald


Source: Several Aesthetic Arguments in Support of God – Christian Apologist

“…As my readership grew, people started sharing more and more of my blog posts. Those shares started bringing a consistent wave of nonbelievers to my site. They began leaving comments on my posts challenging all kinds of truth claims about Christianity, and they were challenges I had never even considered. They told me there wasn’t any evidence Jesus ever existed, that the Bible was filled with errors, that evolution had replaced a need for God, that there was no evidence for God’s existence, and much more. I had been blogging about much simpler things—like good worship songs for young kids. These comments blew me away. I realized I was raising kids in a VERY different world than the one in which I grew up and that I was totally unprepared as a parent. Honestly, I was a bit shocked as well at the realization that in 30-some years of being a Christian, the church had never confronted me with these issues…”

Source: How to Talk with Your Kids About God (Interview with Natasha Crain) | Cold Case Christianity

“…When people leave Christianity because they no longer believe it is true, then return only because there are useful aspects of the Church community, don’t be surprised to find the resulting group struggling to come to agreement on the historic teachings of the Church. Many will return, but not necessarily because they believe the Bible teaches the truth. Instead, these returnees have been profoundly impacted by their young adult experiences away from Christianity (mostly in their college years). Yes many of them will return to our family, but they come back with a new view of the world. It’s not an entirely Christian view. It’s been compromised.This is why I think it’s so important for us to make young Christians the focus of our efforts as Christian Case Makers (“apologists”). It’s not just about reversing the trend related to the departure of young Christians. It’s about securing a future Church that has been inoculated from compromise…”

Source: One Important Reason the Church Will Continue to Compromise | Cold Case Christianity

“…Why, most of the time, do we find that regularities that we have observed continue to be observed? Philosophers have puzzled over these conundrums, but they have not reached a consensus. If we listen to what the Bible says, we have the beginning of an answer. God has created a world that has regularities in it. He has created a world using his wisdom, and he has made a world suitable for human habitation…”

Source: Thought Snack: God’s Involvement in Inductive Reasoning – A Clear Lens

“…I’ve talked with many people who in college lost their faith. It wasn’t because they thought the objections to Christianity were too difficult to overcome. Instead, they concluded that, since their parents and pastors told them to just ignore those “troublemakers” with tough questions that Christianity didn’t really care about the truth at all. Since they had never faced someone antagonistic to their beliefs before, they never knew that Christianity could handle to toughest shots thrown at it…”

Source: Building Faith Muscles in Your Kids | Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes

Cultural unity can be found through Christianity, the Paris Statement says:

“…The true Europe has been marked by Christianity. The universal spiritual empire of the Church brought cultural unity to Europe, but did so without political empire. This has allowed for particular civic loyalties to flourish within a shared European culture. The autonomy of what we call civil society became a characteristic feature of European life. Moreover, the Christian Gospel does not deliver a comprehensive divine law, and thus the diversity of the secular laws of the nations may be affirmed and honoured without threat to our European unity. It is no accident that the decline of Christian faith in Europe has been accompanied by renewed efforts to establish political unity—an empire of money and regulations, covered with sentiments of pseudo-religious universalism, that is being constructed by the European Union….”

Source: Philosophers warn Europe: protect borders, restore marriage if you want to survive | News | Lifesitenews

“…We can see the value of true beliefs by watching The Truman Show. In Peter Weir’s film, Jim Carrey plays Truman Burbank, who had been adopted by a television company so they could film his every reaction to the scripted life they created. Truman is real, but he has grown up in a false world. Friends and family are scripted actors. His town is a gigantic soundstage with the capacity to manufacture weather and change night into day. Since Truman doesn’t realize that he’s being manipulated, he thinks he’s living in the real world. Yet something is gnawing at him. He senses that things in his little town of Seahaven are too perfect and yet too restricting. Living here is safe, but it isn’t living. Ultimately, Truman would rather die than not experience the greater reality of life in all its gritty messiness…”

Source: True Beliefs and The Truman Show | Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes

Cool video!

“…Our metaphors let us down. Science writers like to compare the genome to a textbook or a blueprint. That conveys the fact that it stores information, but glosses over its buzzing, dynamic nature – proteins docking on and off to control the activity of genes, huge stretches of DNA that fold and unfold to reveal or hide their sequences,,, jumping genes that copy themselves and hop throughout the genome… None of our information stores – not sheet music, not recipe books – are this intricate…”

Source: Why the genome must be a product of intelligent design | Uncommon Descent

“…The irreducible complexity of this large assemblage of pieces means the finished design of the flagellum must be constructed in one sweeping step; it cannot be assembled over several generations, unless the prior intermediate micro-machines also offer some advantage to the bacterium. If they don’t offer an advantage, and are instead a misshapen liability, or simply an unnecessary addition, natural selection will not favor the presence of the structure within the organism. In other words, natural selection will not “select” the “intermediates” to allow for further additions…”

Source: Why the Efficiency of Biological Organisms Cannot Be Explained by Evolution | Cold Case Christianity

“…Charles Darwin famously offered the following suggestion as to how his theory could be falsified: If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down.

Dr. Lönnig has repeatedly offered examples that defy a gradualist explanation. For example, listen to this interview where he discusses carnivorous plants, whose complicated traps were clearly useless until almost perfect…”

Source: With Plant Galls, Wolf-Ekkehard Lönnig Falsifies Darwinism | Evolution News

“…The only way teens become truly “prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks” (1 Pet. 3:15) is by wrestling personally with the questions. Ironically, those who have never grappled with diverse worldviews are actually the most likely to be swept away by them. As G. K. Chesterton wrote, ideas can be dangerous — but they are far more dangerous to the person who has never studied them…we should always couch discussions of Christianity in the language of reasons and evidence. We should be giving apologetics from the pulpit and in the Sunday school classroom. Every course in a Christian school should be an opportunity to show that a biblical perspective does a better job than any secular theory of accounting for the facts in that field, whether psychology, biology, government, or business. Apologetics should be naturally woven in to all our discourse. —Nancy Pearcey…”

Source: Apologetics Training is No Longer an Option: 12 Quotes

“…working against the known laws of chemistry and probability in order to maintain a philosophical preference is anti-scientific. The only way to claim progress is to play games, as these three instances show: speculating, imagining, and hyping. In essence, they commit materialism-of-the-gaps to bridge huge chasms that keep growing wider with each new discovery about the complexity of life…”

Source: Cheaters Never Prosper? Sure They Do in Origin-of-Life Papers | Evolution News

“…If there is any place for commending street epistemologists, it is for their demand that if we make truth claims, we have solid reasons for why we hold them. Every Christian ought to be able to give well-reasoned explanations for why they believe what they believe (1 Peter. 3:15, cf. Acts 17:22-34)…”

Source: 21st Century Atheism: Street Epistemology | Apologia Institute

“…But I can hear the bioethicists now — because I have read their advocacy: It is more urgent to remove the feeding tubes from the minimally conscious because they may be in horror at their impaired condition or otherwise suffering. And, in fact, people with minimal awareness are legally dehydrated in all fifty states.Except that a study of patients in a locked-in state, with the appearance of complete unconsciousness but actually being aware, shows that most are “happy,” and majorities would not want euthanasia. (Scientists can now communicate with such patients.)…”

Source: Persistently Unconscious Patient Awakened | Evolution News

“…The story begins with Elisha behind a team of oxen, plowing his field. Elijah approaches and puts his cloak around him, a gesture signifying prophetic calling in ancient Israel. Elisha responds by hosting a giant oxen-barbeque for the whole village, fueled by his plowing equipment. With no plow and no more oxen, there is no turning back for Elisha. Israel’s new prophet is born…”

Source: Elisha’s Prophetic Message for Millennials: Stop Leaving Your Options Open | Christianity Today

“…We need to teach — as we did throughout American history until the 1960s — that human beings are created in God’s image and animals are not. That is the only compelling reason to save a human being you don’t love before the dog you do love.What we have here is the classic tension between feelings and values — or, more precisely, between feelings and revelation (i.e., divinely revealed values).

All of us feel more for a being we love than for a being we don’t know, let alone love. Therefore something must supersede our feelings. That something must be values. But these values must be perceived as emanating from something higher than us; higher than our opinions, higher than our faculty of reason, and even higher than our conscience.

And that higher source is God…”

Source: What’s the Difference Between Man and Dog? | The Stream

“…It’s not just that gay sex seems inherently wrong to me. It isn’t even just my conviction that God’s word says it’s not good. It’s what we can observe with our own eyes — or the eyes of researchers. The New Atlantis reported on this at length last fall: the LGBT life is not an emotionally healthy one, and it isn’t just because of anti-gay stigma.Even gay-friendly researchers find that gay men typically connect with an extraordinarily high number of partners. This is not a picture of life-giving relational health. Rather it’s a picture of always seeking, always hoping, and always being disappointed.

Which is why I believe Jesus would ask them, “What would you have me do for you? Do you want to be healed?…”

Source: What Would Jesus Say to a Gay Couple Today? | The Stream

“…● Members of the transgender population are also at higher risk of a variety of mental health problems compared to members of the non-transgender population. Especially alarmingly, the rate of lifetime suicide attempts across all ages of transgender individuals is estimated at 41%, compared to under 5% in the overall U.S. population…”

Source: The New Atlantis