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Dealing with Physical Ailment | Reasonable Faith

January 4, 2018

A great response to this question:

“Dear Dr. Craig, thank you for your great work at Reasonable Faith. My question is one borne from a sense of sadness and resentment towards God for His seemingly indifferent attitude to my pain. I have struggled for years with bad eyesight and floaters in my eyes, (especially my left eye), and it really does affect my daily activities like reading and writing etc. I have been praying almost constantly for healing and restoration but have been met with a devastating silence.I happen to know that you yourself suffer from a muscular problem, and would like to hear your personal journey through that. Can you relate to my problems? Have you ever asked God to heal you? Did you feel bitter when He did not? How did you continue believing in His goodness and love?

Also, did you experience, like I have, the Church telling you that if you are not healed it is because of your lack of faith or because of unconfessed sin? This teaching in particular is especially devastating to my own faith.

God Bless you



Source: Dealing with Physical Ailment | Reasonable Faith

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