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Darwinian Lysenkoism in America | Evolution News

February 5, 2018

“…The damage done to Soviet agriculture by Lysenko’s government-enforced scientific orthodoxy was enormous. Yet the damage done to American science by enforcement of Darwinian orthodoxy is substantial as well. As an illustration, junk DNA was historically a cornerstone of Darwinian science — the inference that most genomic DNA was evolutionary garbage accumulated over millions of years of undirected mutation and natural selection was considered a major piece of evidence supporting the Darwinian paradigm. Yet the Darwinian inference that most DNA is “junk” has recently been thoroughly discredited — much of what was traditionally considered junk DNA has discernable and important function in the genome. The discipline of molecular genetics was set back decades by the (government-backed) Darwin-only orthodoxy that most DNA is junk…”

Source: Darwinian Lysenkoism in America | Evolution News

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