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The “Coming Out” of Christian Professors on Secular Campuses

February 8, 2018

“…Despite the squelching of religious freedom and free speech on the college campus, Christian professors are coming out and speaking out about how their faith impacts their worldview and therefore their teaching. Because their Christian worldview gives them a diverse perspective on their academic discipline, compared to secular professors, they are bringing about a renaissance in Christian thinking on the campus. They are rightly restoring the original principle of the university to bring unity in diversity of thought and opinion.

Ratio Christi, a campus apologetics alliance, is leading the charge in this endeavor and providing professors with both support and resources. The goal of the RC Prof ministry of Ratio Christi is a movement of missional professors active in every academic discipline and at the highest levels…”

Source: The “Coming Out” of Christian Professors on Secular Campuses

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